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24Files objects in Salesforce

24Files creates 6 custom objects in your org. Here follows the description of those objects:

24Files Settings
General settings & set-up of the connection between Salesforce and Sharepoint. 

24Files Folder Structure

This object enables you to create folder structures. It stores the folder structures and fields such as ‘default’, the object, the filter logic, the record folder path etc. 

24Files Object and Metadata Configuration

Here you can configure where to save the folder structures, files etc. in SharePoint, i.e. you configure SharePoint Sites, Document Libraries etc.

24Files 360 View

This represents the relationship between objects. First of all, you need to create a new record with populated parent object, child object and a lookup field name which relates one object to another one. And then you will be able to see files from related records on the component.

24Files Error Logs

If something went wrong with 24Files, the errors and more information about the errors get logged in this object. More information is available in the Troubleshooting section of the documentation.

Check Permissions

If you are experiencing permissions issues with the set-up, with this tool you can double check whether users have enough access rights to 24Files. 

In order to use Check Permissions functionality , you need to add the AllSites.FullControl permission to the Azure App.

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