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24Files Summer '23 Release

Example Flow to Migrate Existing Salesforce Documents to SharePoint via 24Files


An easy to understand example on how to use our global functions to perform a migration using 24Files.


An example flow is added as an example on how you can use our global functions to perform a migration using 24Files. The flow will retrieve records from a type (e.g. contacts) and creates the default folder structure for those records. After this is done, the Salesforce documents are uploaded to SharePoint.

The different steps in the flow are:

  1. Select object & ask email address

  2. Retrieve files from object

    1. Add files to List

  3. Upload files → starts batch class

The flow is called “Migrating_Existing_Document_to_24Files”.

The example flow “Migrating Existing Document to 24Files”.

Preview Files

Benefit: No re-direct to SharePoint, on page display of the file.

Description: By clicking on the “Quick Preview” button in the dropdown, the file will be previewed on page.

Preview your file on page in 24Files.

Benefit: Quick on page generation of shareable public link to a file.

Description: By clicking on the “Copy Public Link” button in the dropdown, a public shareable link will be generated and copied to your clipboard. The link allows to download the file.

Generate a shareable public link in 24Files.

Drag & Drop Files instead of using the upload button

Benefit: Flexibility to drag and drop a file or select a file from a repository.

Description: Easily select a file from your desktop and drag it into the upload file section.

Select or drop files

Clickable Files Titles

Benefit: Less clicks for the user.

Description: Open a file in sharePoint when clicking on the name in 24Files.

Layout Improvements

Benefit: Less clicks for the user.

Description: The "Open SharePoint" button is now visible next to the "Upload files" button iso in the dropdown.

By clicking on the SharePoint icon you will be navigated to the relevant space in SharePoint.

Permission Set for Community Cloud Users

Benefit: Easily configure community users to use 24Files.

Description: Permission set for community cloud users has been added. The permission set is called “24Files Community User”.

Permission set “24Files Community User”.

Sub Releases

  • v4.200

  • v4.201

  • v4.203

  • v4.204

  • v4.205

  • v4.206

  • v4.207

  • v4.208

  • v4.209

  • v4.210

  • v4.211

  • v4.212

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