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24Files Winter '23 Release

You can now specify an expiry period when sharing public links through 24Files. The expiry period can vary between 1 week and 3 years and is configured in the 24Files Settings page in the 24Files Manager app.

360 View - Model Many-to-Many Relations

24Files 360 View allowed you to model parent-child relationships and to show the folder structures of child records on the parent’s record page, grouped under a virtual folder.

We have extended this feature in 2 ways:

  1. You can now choose the name of the virtual folder.

  2. You can extend this feature to many-to-many relationships via junction object.

Read more with a concrete example on the 360 View documentation page.


Various hardening improvements for:

  • 24Files APEX methods.

  • Email-to-case automatic file transfer.

  • Salesforce storage automatic file transfer.

  • Support for up to 70 subfolders in folder structure record.

Sub Releases

  • v4.214

  • v4.216

  • v4.217

  • v4.218

  • v4.219

  • v4.220

  • v4.221

  • v4.222

  • v4.223

  • v4.224

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