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Use 24Files with Apex


The following capitalized items need to be replaced by your specific values when calling the 24Files Apex methods:

  • RECORD_ID = ID of the record

  • FOLDER = relative folder to the record folder. Note: in case of anonymous access, you can only upload in the public folder. Hence, leave the FOLDER argument empty ''.

  • USE_ANONYMOUS_AUTH = set to ‘true’ to use anonymous auth or ‘false’ to use authenticated auth

  • EMAIL_ADDRESS = email address where results should be sent to

  • CONTENT_VERSION_ID = Salesforce content version id where the file is stored in

  • PATH = relative path to the file from the record folder


  • With APEX, file uploads are limited to a maximum size of 35 MB per file.

  • The getFileLink APEX method returns a link with an expiration duration that has been set in the 24Files Settings page in the 24Files Manager app.

Create Single Folder

sfy_office365.AddFolderGlobalMethod.FolderRequest folderRequest = new sfy_office365.AddFolderGlobalMethod.FolderRequest(RECORD_ID, FOLDER, USE_ANONYMOUS_AUTH);
sfy_office365.CreateFoldersGlobalMethod.createFolder(folderRequest, EMAIL_ADDRESS);

Create Multiple Folders

sfy_office365.CreateFoldersGlobalMethod.createFolders(new List<sfy_office365.AddFolderGlobalMethod.FolderRequest>(), EMAIL_ADDRESS);

Create Folder Structure

List<sfy_office365.GenerateFolderStructureGlobalMethod.FolderStructureRequest> generateFolderStructures = new List<sfy_office365.GenerateFolderStructureGlobalMethod.FolderStructureRequest>{new sfy_office365.GenerateFolderStructureGlobalMethod.FolderStructureRequest(RECORD_ID, USE_ANONYMOUS_AUTH, EMAIL_ADDRESS)};

Upload File

sfy_office365.AddFileGlobalMethod.FileRequest uploadFile = new sfy_office365.AddFileGlobalMethod.FileRequest(RECORD_ID, FOLDER, CONTENT_VERSION_ID, USE_ANONYMOUS_AUTH);
sfy_office365.UploadFilesGlobalMethod.uploadFile(uploadFile, EMAIL_ADDRESS);

Upload Files

sfy_office365.UploadFilesGlobalMethod.uploadFiles(new List<sfy_office365.AddFileGlobalMethod.FileRequest>(), EMAIL_ADDRESS);
List<sfy_office365.GetFileLinksGlobalMethod.FileLinkRequest> fileLinkRequests = new List<sfy_office365.GetFileLinksGlobalMethod.FileLinkRequest>{new sfy_office365.GetFileLinksGlobalMethod.FileLinkRequest(RECORD_ID, PATH, USE_ANONYMOUS_AUTH)};

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