The Lightning component can be modified on object record level.


24Files allows you to customize the name of the component as shown to the user.

Parent Record

It is possible to show files from the parent object. In this field you will have to fill in the ‘Field Name’ of that parent object. 
Example: On the contact page, you want to see all files related to the company of that contact (= Account). All files & folders of the Account will be shown and you will be able to perform all folder & file actions. The bi-directional sync will work here. 

In this particular case, the Field Name of the parent record (Account Name) of is ‘AccountId’.

Setup > Edit Page > Click on the 24Files component. The right hand side menu contextualizes, and here the ‘Parent Record’ field needs to be filled in.

Access: Authenticated & Anonymous


Any files/folder action by a Salesforce user, will be tracked and assigned to that user. For Authenticated Access, a user needs to login to SharePoint via the 24Files component.

Authenticated Access implies that a user is able to:

  • Upload, download, delete, rename, move, create public link, preview and edit files. 

  • Create, rename, delete and move folders.

This user will be able to view the SharePoint folders and documents (according to their permissions) within the 24Files component. 

It is possible to upload files without having SharePoint credentials, when the 24Files component is configured for Anonymous Access. In this case, a user will not be able to login via the 24Files Lightning component.  In case every user with Salesforce access also has a SharePoint account, it is recommended to always configure 24Files with Authenticated Access, as described above.

Users with Anonymous Access will be able to upload, download and preview the files within a Public folder for the Salesforce records they have access to and for which the 24Files component is visible. Anonymous Access users cannot ‘Open SharePoint’. In addition, you can configure the Page Layout (just below the Access picklist) such that users with Anonymous Access are also able to delete, rename and move files.  

No license Error Text
If you have purchased a user-based license for 24Files, you can customize the error text that has to appear when a user has no license assigned.