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Step 6: Optional - Add an additional callback URL for an Experience Cloud portal (available as of version 4.300)

In most cases, an Experience Cloud portal is configured in Anonymous Mode through which external users can upload documents to SharePoint via one shared service account (the Anonymous Access user configured on the 24Files Settings Page in the 24Files Manager app). There may however be cases where the third party users have access to your SharePoint via a dedicated account and you want to grant them with Authenticated Access via the Experience Cloud portal.

In order to enable this use case you need to:

  1. Configure the 24Files component on your Experience Cloud portal in Authenticated Access mode.

  2. Configure a second redirect URL in your AZURE registration app, if not, your users will always be redirected to the record page, not to the Experience Cloud portal. Below we explain how to configure this second redirect URL in the AZURE registration app.

In addition to the redirect URL mentioned on the 24Files Settings page, there is a second redirect URL to be configured for the portal. 

As an example if the site is: , then the redirect URL mentioned on the settings page will be

If the URL of your Experience Cloud portal is then the second redirect URL is

Configuring both of these redirect URLs in the AZURE registration app will allow 24Files to redirect the user to the correct record ID record page.

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